Your brand is not what you say, but what Google says!

E-reputation can be defined as the image conveyed and/or suffered by a company or a brand on the Internet and another digital support. E-reputation can also apply to a product or service.

E-reputation is the sum of the information produced by your company in terms of image and of the content found online. However not limited or restricted to your image which also extends to content produced by Internet users on blogs, social networks, video exchange platforms, forums, and other community spaces. E-reputation is more influenced by the visibility of content/opinions and opinions relating to a brand than by their quantity. 

Online reputation is very important, as it can affect brands and individuals alike, whether it be their credibility or visibility.

The strategy our team will use will depend on the negative content, once it is analyzed, our team will prepare an

analysis report to give you best potential approach. 

We, at Monacolab provide services that help drive public opinion by 'pushing down' negative content.   


Digital Growth Marketing

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